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Feeding Ferrets – 10 Best Foods To Feed Your Pet Ferret

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Before buying, check the label and the ingredients to help you decide which one is the best for your pet ferret. Select the one without any grain listed in the ingredients.

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A ferret’s diet should be rich in protein. Ensure the label suggests that the protein is high quality, easily digestible animal and not plant based protein. Ferret feed should be high in fat content. Carbohydrates constitution should be low and the fibers component should be less than 3% according to label analysis.

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These should not replace the main meals being given to your pets. Used in moderation, these are only used in training and positive reinforcement. Use sparingly. Some treats include hard boiled or scrambled eggs, bits of cooked meats. If the food contains grains, vegetables or sugar, do not give it to your pet anymore.

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