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Get Your House Organized And Make Money On Your Stuff

The best time to get rid of some of that clutter and extra stuff you never use is when you are moving. It also helps you earn a little extra money and provides less belongings to move. It might be a good idea to have that sale before you put your house on the market.

“Even in a down economy, people want to start a family or expand an existing family” states owner Pamme. Boomerang Baby is on your side. They carry quality name brands at inexpensive pricing. This store caters to everyone since everybody has kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews etc or knows someone who does. They are especially loved by grandparents since they also rent items for very low prices. The clothing sizes they carry are 0 to 10 years as well as some new items such as Melissa & Doug, Petti Skirts and Hair Bows, flowers and headbands.

The store is extremely clean and bright. There are racks and racks of clothing sorted by size and color. On top of the clothing racks are shoes. One entire wall has all the string tank tops. Two rows of racks are nothing but jeans ($10.00 – $20.00). There are several racks of t shirts and tank tops. You will see Seven for All Mankind and Abercrombie. You will find Juicy Couture, Hollister, Aeropostale, BCBG, Miss Me, Forever 21 and Lucky. All at extremely reasonable prices. The racks are full and they are getting new merchandise in every day. While we were there a really cute gal walked in with her boyfirend , he brought in four cartons of her clothing. My daughter and I both saw this and said at the same time “We’re going back tomorrow!” They get the merchandise on the floor very quickly.

Caillou is a cute, inexpensive Halloween costume for a little boy. Once again, search those closets for a yellow short sleeved shirt, blue shorts, yellow socks, red shoes and a blue baseball cap. If you can’t find the above items at home, consider a visit to a Dallas resale shop or the Salvation Army. You may be able to locate the perfect pieces for just a few bucks. You can also print the name “Caillou” onto some iron on transfer paper and adhere to the yellow shirt so there is no mistaking who your little boy is. Finally, rummage your toy box for a gray stuffed cat resembling Caillou’s furry friend, Gilbert. This simple Caillou Halloween costume is also a hysterical idea for a grown man!

And that would be a fortuitous lesson. The summer my older brother graduated from high school, he was killed. That was followed in subsequent years by the deaths of my mom’s father and sister, something I document in my first memoir, America’s Boy .

Cloth Diapers: I’m talking about the flat fold diapers that you got to wipe up all the baby drool…you did get those, right? I must have about three dozen of the things. New use: cleaning rags! Ok, maybe this one is a bit obvious, but they’re really perfect for cleaning and dusting. And next time your hubby is digging through your kitchen towels looking for something to wipe down the lawn mower with…hand him one of these.

Marge is the master of manipulation. She can open any door with her snout, including pocket doors. She also loves to unwrap gifts. If you have a birthday or Christmas, Marge better have a few presents of her own, or she’s coming after yours. I love to watch her gingerly unwrap the paper and then open the box with her mouth and paws. Mable really has no discernable skills, except unless you count eating and licking herself, which I do, since they are basically the same skills I have.