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How To Clear The Energy Of Your Home Or Office

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Consider the pathways you create inside your home, as well. Your chi should not have a straight shot from the front door out the back; you must provide a winding path by which your chi may flow gently throughout your home. Furniture arrangement plays a large part in this, so take care the next time you re-arrange your living room! Again, keep pathways winding, and try to break up straight lines. Positioning your couch and chairs at slight angles, towards each other, will enhance the conversation chi in a living room. Straight lines allow chi to zip right through, leaving no positive energy to settle in, and maybe even dragging some out with it!

When you come through the entrance door of a home, it is better if you are not able to see a back door or face a staircase right before you. Both these situations mean that good energy may run past you and out the back door or up the stairs and not come and stay with you. Especially bad is if there are wide glass doors that lead to a back yard, viewed from the entrance door. Here, Feng Shui Items for Good Luck teaches that you will find money flowing through your life too quickly and even health may escape you. Catching that energy with crystals or blocking, a view of a back door with a decorative screen would definitely be recommended.

Keep a bowl of fresh salt in the toilets. Toilets by their very nature are a source of negative energy wherever they are located. Hence it is advisable to keep a bowl of unrefined salt on the window sill of the toilet. It is said that the salt will feng shui items absorb the negative energy. Also do not forget to replace the wet salt with fresh dry salt every so often.

Wear and bring lucky objects and do lucky things. It may be a four-leaf clover, green underwear or your first trophy; or running in circles, kissing your kids and jumping 99 times. Bring and do these with you when you are buying your tickets.

Glass doors on their own would not be auspicious because it would allow too much energy into the home indiscriminately. But glass doors combined with attractive iron grillwork is enticing to good fortune. Glass doors that lead to a garden from a bedroom or dining area can be auspicious, but it is best to curtain glass doors at night time to keep the good chi inside. A screen door over your entrance door is also not auspicious because it obscures the attraction power of your entrance door.

There are many different variations on how to clear a space. I’ve found a thorough cleaning combined with the simple use of sage is usually enough. Ongoing, sage can be used to reset the energy of a place after there has been any sort of upset.