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How To Use Music To Enrich Your Life

There are bands all over that many of us don’t know about. Sometimes it can be hard to find a band that has the sound that we like and appreciate. When we hear of a new band we tend to listen to them and decide, or ask friends for advice on what bands and singers they enjoy or we read about them in magazines, on-line or even find them on accident via websites like my-space. Skillet is one of Christian Rock’s top bands. They are known for songs like “Falling Into The Back,” “Whispers In The Dark.” and many more. When you listen to their lyrics you may not think they are Christian, but secular. They have a great sound that is easy to “rock out too,” I heard one song and I fell in love with their music.

But one night, while I was using the leg-press machine I was approached by a Personal Trainer named Julian, whose intention was to fix the way I used the machine initially. I have heard so much about him through a friend so I took the opportunity to ask him questions about my workout regime. He then signed me up for the free PT session that supposedly all new members get which I never got. (Hmm…) But the 2 sessions would only start after Raya. So after about 2 months of doing RPM everyday and eating only salad and Mocha Frappuccino for lunch/dinner, I began to wonder why I still wasn’t seeing any results.

Everything we have been discussing in these articles comes down to one thing: Personal Responsibility. Life waits for nobody, and time continues to pass for us all. You can either let your mind and circumstances victimize you and lead you further and further away from your dreams and goals, or you can take action and do whatever is at your disposal to improve the quality of your life.

When you add music to your workout routine, you can create a soundtrack for your success. Add your favorite inspirational background music – think “Chariots of Fire” or the “Rocky” theme – to make you push just a little harder and make it to the end of your workout routine. Whatever music makes you feel strong and powerful, add that to your workout rotation.

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But, little by little, you will become more and more receptive to the messages and start to welcome them. New visions of yourself will start to open up and, over a period of weeks, you will notice subtle changes in your mood and attitude. Specifically as it relates to binging and overeating, the biggest impact comes when the “voracity” to eat the wrong type of foods starts to diminish.

Even if you still somehow do find time to get to the gym for that 2 hour work-out session…great! Now you simply achieved extra credit by adding additional calorie burn to the rest of the day!

In short, you just want to sound friendly and approachable since people are meeting you over the telephone. Now, if a person feels inclined to make a phone personal recording of themselves speaking so slow that they sound as if they’re slurring their words or moaning, the feedback may not be what they were expecting. That is if they receive anything in their box at all. Then again, I am not the master of the universe, experiment a little and see what works for you.