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Learn English Pronunciation

Nowadays, people all about the world communicate English as a first or second language. It’s difficult to envision a globe with out it, but there was a time when no 1 spoke English. Long ago, the individuals in Britain spoke the Celtic language. When three Germanic tribes successfully invaded Britain in the 5th century, they introduced their own language with them. This was recognized as Englisc and it gave us the beginnings of the English language that we know these days.

From the 1100-1500 Ad, this is the time that the Middle English was spoken, the Duke of Normandy conquered England. For a whilst, the English language was divided into lower course as well as upper class. Throughout the fourteenth century, the ability to communicate English became dominant in England. This however, at the time, experienced many French words that were additional to the language. The English poet of this time, Chaucer use to write poems and numerous indigenous speakers of the language would discover it difficult to understand and grasp.

By the way, did you discover that you (and the learners) could rapidly determine the language of the song by listening to ONLY the opening rhythms? That ought to arrive as no shock. We determine songs this way all the time. There was, years ago, a Tv game display known as “Name That Tune” where contestants attempted to determine a song by listening to the fewest notes possible from the beginning of the tune. Believe it or not, there were individuals who could properly identify a tune by hearing only the first note or two! It was completely amazing! The theory works just as nicely with the connected speech aspects and rhythms in English and other foreign language learning.

As native speakers, we say it quickly and don’t even think about it but for non indigenous speakers, it takes a great deal of practice listening to and imitating English speakers.

Shakespeare “.tabled the movement and chaired the assembly in which nouns were produced into verbs.” as Mr. Fry so eloquently factors out. He also states that “.Shakespeare made a performing-word out of a factor-word each chance he received’.

Then the fun truly begins. My next query is, “How many countries have English as a first or official language?” To twist the screw just a bit much more I add, “You’ll all English lecturers, so you should know where the language is spoken, correct?” They agree that they should and for the next couple of minutes set about fathoming the English L1 list. Much more squirming, a few shouted out queries and I let the pressure off. “How many do you have on your checklist?” Seldom does the quantity exceed 10 or fifteen. Consider a moment; how many can YOU checklist?

Languages create and change more than time and the oldest form of English seems international to the speakers of it these days. The initial kind to be spoken is what we now call Old English, which was spoken in Britain from around 450 to 1100 Advertisement. About half of the phrases we generally use these days came from Old English.

So if you haven’t attempted using comedy, anecdotes, tales and fairy tales to lure your English language learners and hesitant students into talking actions consider including these five suggestions to your English or international language teaching “bag of methods”. Remember, if you have any further questions, feedback or assistance, just e-mail me. I’ll be pleased to help.

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