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Cooperating With Your Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Well, you’ve tried everything but it looks like your marriage has ended up in divorce. It happens, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to split from your ex. Cheap divorce is possible by following just a few simple steps. So for a quick cheap divorce, just read on.

Wait, hold up a second. A person tells you when to speak and what to say, and berates your friends? I’m sorry, but you’re in an abusive relationship and a Dodge Charger isn’t going to solve that. I think a best Fort Worth family law attorney or marriage counselor is a better use of your money. Honestly, if someone saps your will to live, maybe you shouldn’t be with that person.

Unfortunately, sometimes people simply can’t afford any kind of lawyer. This scenario doesn’t have to limit getting assistance. Cities and states often have legal aid organizations that offer expert legal help. If this isn’t a possibility, check with your local law university to see if you can hire a near-graduation student who will help.

There is, however, one instance when going with married filing separately may definitely make sense. The situation occurs where there is a serious imbalance in the earnings of each spouse, to wit, one is making a lot more than the other. Mentioning the issue alone can be a test on a relationship, but taxes are all about saving money. Essentially, the situation boils down to deductions. If you itemize, but lose deductions under the joint filing, it is time to file separately. The only way to tell [groan] is to actually prepare the tax returns for each situation. Hey, nobody said taxes were fun.

This is where forensic accounting comes in. A forensic accountant can look into financial practices of your soon to be ex-spouse and see how much money he makes and how much money he spends (or at least claims to spend) and sees if it all adds up with the share you are being given. Essentially, a forensic accountant can work together with your attorney to make sure you are not being cheated out of your fair share of money.

The law in each state is different. There are some common things though. If you or your spouse or both want to end the marriage, the only way to do it legally is to get a divorce.

So what is the moral of this article? Shop around. It is a very bad idea to cast attorneys aside who charge a fee for a consultation. If they are going to charge you a fee don’t you think that the attorney expects to give you valuable information you can bank on? Absolutely!