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Don’t Get Burned By Your Rental Car Company

It cheats on you by paying you less than what you are worth. If you had to pay yourself a salary, you would more than likely have more than enough money to pay your bills and have enough at the end of the month to do as you please. Unfortunately, when you work for someone else, it’s literally impossible to make what you deserve or what you want. You take what they give you and possibly negotiate for what will make you comfortable.

Budget – know what you spend. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. A lot of people are clueless about where the money goes that they take out of the ATM or the impulse buying on their debit card. Many times they simply wait until the end of the month to see if they have any money left. If they do they may save some of it.

Not to condemn the modern days, but it seems that if your salary is $2,000 per month, you just cannot survive happily. You just need to make more extra money. Your salary is just about enough to pay your bills but what about food, education for your children and their clothes.

Another thing that you need to check is the alquiler de autos. Make sure to arrange the car reservations in advance. As much as possible choose companies that do not charge until you have arrived at the place. In this way, you can continue to get a better deal with no cancellation fees.

Consider payment method. If you rent from Alamo rent car a Car or National Rent a Car, they do not block off a deposit when you pay by debt/credit card. All they require is a return flight. If you do not have a return flight, you cannot use a debit card with these companies. You can use a major credit card, but they will block off a deposit amount (up to $500).

When packing your bags before a trip, avoid putting all of your money, cards and traveler’s checks in the same place. Spreading them out makes it less likely that you will lose everything in the event that you are robbed. The same goes for other valuables that you are bringing along, such as jewelry.

If you encounter problems or things not as they were promised, stand your ground, demand satisfaction, but do it respectfully. The person across the counter is a human being too, they’re probably not conspiring to screw you over and if you deal with them respectfully as a person, as you would want if you were in their shoes, you would be shocked as to the results and treatment you will receive.