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How To Play Any Song On Guitar

It is a well deserved statement that “there is at least one Hindi film song for every season and every reason.” And the secret behind the statement is the fact that most Hindi film songs have lyrics, which people can easily relate to and identify with.

Depending on the song structure, the listener will then be lead to the chorus. The chorus is the emotional high point of the song. It is a section that is repeated after every verse, about three, four, or maybe more times during the whole song. The chorus sums up the entire theme of the song, and contains one of the most important lines in any contemporary song: the hook. The hook is where most songwriter’s start their process because it communicates the entire point of the song. It is a lot easier to generate ideas around the main idea than to try and complete a Dancing Feeling Reggae Picka Pow from beginning to end.

For simplicity, let us say that each chunk happens to be a measure of music. This means that for you to play by memory the music in measure 5, you must remember the music in measures, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

It should have a concept. At a music website, you should have some purpose. You should be able to create playlist, view lyrics and video. You must be able to share your favourite online song with your friends in any social networking site.

This article is on the mechanics of writing a song. I have chosen one of my favorite songs for an example in this article.I wrote it a long time ago, but I still think it’s a good song today. Though I believe it is a very good song, some may think the substance of the song could use some work.(in the creative field, we all have our own views, taste, and opinions) So this article is based on just the proper structure in the art of songwriting.

Yes… ear training. Why is this so important? Well, imagine this… Two guitarists walk into a room together. You ask these guitarists to play a song that you have just written. No one in the world has ever seen or heard this song besides for you. You hand one of the guitarists the music for the song (it can be tab or notation… it’s not important) Guitarist number one immediately plays the song perfectly. Pretty impressive…

The Beatles and Billy Joel have used this song structure a lot. The song “We Can Work it Out” by the Beatles uses this structure.You can hear that the title line “We Can Work it Out” is the refrain in the verses. The section starting on “Live is very short… ” is the bridge.

Now we can start to write lyrics to these sections in a well organized manner that is likely to get us conveying a compelling story to our listeners. At the same time, we’ve weaved some nice forward motion in our lyrics by changing what they mean as the story progresses.