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Is Social Media Eating Up Your Day?

Welcome to Insider Deals! Everyone loves a great deal and the Internet and social media make access to finding deals easier for you! Through sites like Living Social, Groupon, and Rochester Perks (to name a few), you can receive incredible deals daily and they will usually be specific to your area.

When reviewing your loose tea sample it is important to brew it using the exact guidelines given to you by the company. If it says to use water at a certain temperature, you should make the effort to do this as the company will know what temperature the tea tastes best at. It is the same when it comes to the amount of tea to use. If you posted a negative review but had not brewed the tea how the company suggested this would not really be fair to the tea company.

You’re applying for a job in the States, but for a foreign company – and you know the hiring manager is based in or from Europe. Companies in Europe love to see the person whom they are interviewing and are often confused when they call my firm as to the U.S. laws.

Who? Just like the 6 stages of the writing process, collaboration works best when we break it up between different people. Anyone can help you brainstorm. Grab a drink and a comfy chair and go for it!

Yes, absolutely! Facebook has over 700 million fans and counting. This is advertizing for you that is totally free, so you cannot afford to pass this up. Successful authors know this, especially indie authors that are trying to build a fan following. Again, Socialreseller for authors is not easy, but with a little time devoted to your page, you can build a great following. And this following will spread the word about you and your books.

Political Blogs, when well chosen are a big help. There are many sides and many that may be based on your political position: Conservative? Liberal? Are you somewhere in between?

I have been using Facebook for the past two years, and it is a great marketing tool to add to your marketing strategy. Following are ten ways you can use Facebook to introduce new people to your for FREE!

Is the company a Fortune 500 with global offices and an HR department that’s bigger than most small businesses? Probably skip the picture — but there’s nothing wrong with adding a professional portrait to your LinkedIn profile and including the link on your resume.