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Online Reputation Management For Artists

If you do not like what you see when you Google your name or your business name, it is pretty easy to fix this problem with the services provided by an online reputation management services company like Mike Munter SEO. Below, Mike explains some tips you can use yourself toward cleaning up your online reputation.

One solution is to create a comment tree. A comment tree can become the model for both solopreneurs or complex organizations. It creates a system of how and when you will respond to online posts by others. And, it allows you to guard your uniformity – even to the point that others on your staff or team can follow the pattern and respond in the voice of the organization, not as themselves. This is a big piece of a growing presence in social media circles for businesses.

If you want to stay on top of current trends or news that relates to your business, Google Alerts allows you to do just that. You can sign up for daily or weekly alerts that show you news, blogs, videos, discussions related to your field of interest. If you own a local jewelry store, you could create an alert that will show you anything related to jewels so you can stay updated on international stories that may affect the prices of your products. Furthermore, it will tell you what people are saying about you based on your keywords so it helps with What Is Online Reputation Management Exactly?. You can set up an alert with your business name and anything related to your business will show up here.

You need to have a well written and well-presented profile that is SEO optimised with keywords. It is best to have a salesletter or similar copywriting for best results. Only talk about what you do for your clients and how you do it. Your past is irrelevant, unless it shows your experience in your current position. Use apps to help you. Slideshare is a good one to use as you can upload PowerPoint presentations or YouTube videos to slideshare which will then show on your profile.

There is a difference in opinion over the use of micro-sites (a one or two page website). We’ve seen plenty of spam looking micro-sites and quite sure that you have as well. Micro-sites are perfect for are ORM campaigns. The site must contain high quality information that is easy to obtain and simple to share as a link. Also, include a small and minimal navigation. For example, a home page, about us page, and contact page. There are several micro-sites options in which you can choose from. The more Online Reputation Management the merrier.

One word of warning with online reviews. Once you start, you should be consistent. If you do a few videos now and then stop altogether – the original videos become less relevant, potential customers wonder if your business has gone down hill hence the lack of reviews. It looks like you tried video marketing and then couldn’t be bothered to continue – revealing your lack of commitment to your customers feedback. A small number of monthly videos and reviews has the added benefit of eventually building up a large ‘body of evidence’ that adds authority to the whole process.

Create a policy for social interaction. Lay out rules for social engagement so that your ORM is more easily controlled. Be specific on what types of messages you and your employees can convey when representing your company.

It is also important to bare in mind, that if you look and sound like the rest of the hungry “choose me” brigade, then you are one of them. If it looks like a pig and smells like a pig, then it’s probably a pig. Remember, old school, interruptive selling is dead.