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Potential Problems Faced By Real Estate Investors

You’ve decided you need a home inspector because you’re either buying a home or selling one, and you want to do it right. Out of curiosity you sit down at the computer and do a Google search to see what qualifications a good home inspector should have, and you get a little scared.

When you hire a home inspector you’re hiring someone that has the expertise in finding safety and health hazards. A thornton home inspections does not just look for the obvious; they look for things that you would not even think about. They look for places where water might have been sitting and can cause mold. Mold can be very hazardous to you and your family.

Make a list of qualified inspectors in your area and the next thing to do is to call them. Call each one of the inspectors to find out how they conduct their inspections, what’s covered, how much they charge, and how long the inspection will take. These things are important.

Doors with glazing, such as storm doors, sliding glass patio doors, and any glazing next to these doors, should have safety glazing. That is, it should be fully tempered, wire, or laminated glass or an approved plastic material.

Does he have a background as a contractor or engineer? Keep this in mind. Though it’s not necessary for your inspector to have an engineering degree or to have been a contractor for many years, the principles he should have learned from such an education and experience are valuable.

A garage door without a motor should be opened and closed manually to check it. Doors with motors should be checked for proper and safe operation. While the mode of operating a motorized door may vary, there should be a means of operating the door from the outside. Does the door open smoothly, quietly and safely? Is there a means of reversing the door, and does it work as it should?

It is important to keep in mind that no matter how professional and knowledgeable the inspector is, he or she may not be able to determine every problem the house will have for the next five years. None of us have a crystal ball and sometimes a furnace will break or a leak will start out of the blue. Unfortunately, that’s one of the realities of owning and maintaining a home. But you’re going to have a much better chance at catching potential problems if you hire a professional with the right tools and training.

So, do you need a home inspector? Unless you’re buying a brand new home that’s chock full of new warranties, the answer is probably yes. Chances are that you’re making the biggest investment of your life, so wouldn’t it be wise to do all that you can to protect it? Even if you don’t purchase the home after the inspection, don’t get frustrated. Sometimes the projects are too big, too long, or too expensive. You have not wasted your money. On the contrary, that $350 was well spent because it just saved you tens of thousands of dollars. So keep on house hunting, give Uncle Joe an appreciative hug and tuck that home inspector’s card in your pocket for the next house.