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What To Look For When Choosing Diamond Jewelry

The Marquise cut diamond is one of the more elegant and traditional diamond shapes. The Marquise is a slim oval shape with tapered pointed tips. The Marquise is a heavier stone than many others – while a rough diamond will produce a round brilliant diamond of a certain size, when cutting it into a marquise shape, it will generally produce a diamond up to 50% larger in carat size.

Basically, there are at least two different types of rings. One is the engagement ring, which is the one that is used for wedding proposals and the other which is the wedding ring, which has to be worn ‘at-all-times’ after the actual wedding proceedings. The major difference between them is basically the emphasis of the diamond rings in the design. For practical reasons, your engagement ring should be able to shine so brightly in the moonlight that your lady would never refuse your proposal. Hence, engagement rings are designed so that the diamond is clearly defined on the ring. Basic engagement ring designs include solitaire rings and three stone rings.

Do you know what size she wears? The standard size is a six. This is kind of optional information. Most jewelers can size it to fit after the fact. However, if she has exceptionally large fingers or small ones this could be a deal killer. The ring might not take the stress. Now it just got a little more complicated. Best to ask your jeweler before you buy. In fact, it is best to know her ring size. Just saying…..

It is important to fix a budget for your diamond purchase. This will let you pick the perfect diamond ring efficiently without straining your pocket and wasting your time.

Did you know that jewelers are actually allowed to advertise a diamond as being one grade more than it really is? This means that an advertised 1 Carat online diamond with a color grade of G, and clarity grade of VS1 could actually be a .90 Carat diamond, with a color grade H and clarity of VS2.

Regarding the recommended color range of the Marquise diamond, one has a bit more flexibility with the Marquise. As always, it is difficult to give an objective guide to the preferred color level of a diamond, as it is a very subjective rating. Some people like the colorless or near colorless look more, and others prefer the “warmer” look of a tiny tinge of color in the stone. The generally accepted preferred range though for Marquise is that the best colors are up to the G-H range, with many actually preferring the side of the warmer G and H colors levels more so than the cooler and more “icey” level of more colorless levels.

Hence whenever you go for shopping for your diamond earring you must keep in mind that for whom you are purchasing your earring and you must open the door to allow the diamond say what your heart feels for her.